Dream, Build & Enjoy


Groundworks was founded in 2001 by Carmen DeVito  and  Alice S. Marcus   Krieg  to   create landscapes which educate, enhance and refine the outdoor experience.

Today,   Groundworks   is   a   garden design, installation and maintenance firm that creates outdoor  environments  for  residential  and  commercial  clients on rooftops, terraces and suburban sites. Described as a ‘pedicure for the garden’ by a Westchester N.Y. client, Groundworks designs and maintains gardens from the Brooklyn Battery to the tranquil shorelines of Westchester county and Connecticut.

Clients  include  prominent  financial  entrepreneurs,  architects,  fashion industry  executives,  real estate developers, art collectors and poets.

A  Groundworks  garden unites the client’s sense of history, use of space and contemporary lifestyle with appropriate plants and landscape elements resulting in beautiful and functional outdoor spaces.